Pilates For Men “Roofer With A Leaky Roof”

Pilates For Men “Roofer With A Leaky Roof”

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Pilates For Men “Roofer With A Leaky Roof”

I’ve been familiar with the Pilates method for many years. My own sister has been a master Pilates instructor for over 15 years, however, I’d never really learned much about it or experienced its benefits until working with Steve at Sommet Fitness. I was introduced to Steve by a mutual client about two years ago and was immediately impressed with his facility and level of knowledge. As a manual muscle and movement therapist, I’m always looking to collaborate with like-minded practitioners who are well educated and doing great things to benefit their clients while adhering to safe and sound principles. I found this to be true with Steve and his facility. It wasn’t until another year had passed that I found myself in my own “health crisis”. I’d become the all-too-typical mid-40’s husband and father of two spending most of my time working long hours and being pulled in multiple directions based on whatever “hat” I was wearing. I’d insidiously gained nearly 40 pounds and my body was feeling awful. It seemed every muscle and joint in my body hurt. I knew just what to do to help my clients feel and move better but I wasn’t practicing what I was preaching. I’d become the proverbial roofer with a leaky roof!I’d finally made the decision to call Steve and get on his schedule to see what this Pilates thing was all about. My initial assessment was, shall we say, less than optimal. I’d lost the ability to perform basic movement patterns without pain or compensation. I think Steve was just as surprised as me at some of my limitations. It was a slow and challenging start, but with his guidance and support I worked through the most basic of exercises trying to regain a foundation of strength and stability. I couldn’t believe how such simple exercises could be so challenging! Now, 8 months later, I’ve advanced to a much broader repertoire of exercises including some very advanced versions. I’ve been able to regain most, if not more, strength, stability and mobility than I ever remember having. Many of my aches and pains have virtually disappeared and I’m using my body in ways I’d never thought I could or would again. I’ve also dropped about 25 of those 40 extra pounds! I’ve found the Pilates method to be a gentle but challenging avenue for reclaiming my physical and mental health. The variety of exercises and apparatus is fun and stimulating. The slower pace and mentally focused techniques used in Pilates enable you to reconnect with how you move….or don’t move….and to find a way to regain control of your body rather than it controlling you. I’m so glad I made the choice to make time to take care of myself. The improvements for me now and in the future are priceless. Steve and his team of highly skilled, knowledgeable and compassionate trainers are top-notch and I highly recommend Sommet Fitness without reservation. Allen Rubin, LMT, CFST, SFMABodies in Balance Advanced Muscular Therapy14301 N. 87th St. #108Scottsdale, AZ 85260480.314.5033www.scottsdalemedicalmassage.comwww.scottsdalestretchtherapy.com

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