Pampering Treatments for Younger, Smoother Skin - At Home

Pampering Treatments for Younger, Smoother Skin - At Home

Sometimes when we think of a pampering of seriously therapeutic and effective skin care treatment, we think about paying top dollar at some fancy salon to sit in a chair or on a raised table for an hour or less. Sure, this can be incredibly relaxing, but unless you have millions in the bank and money to throw around, this type of indulgence can only happen once in a while.

It''s a good thing that today we have so many serious treatments that we can do ourselves, with a little caution and practice, in our own homes and for dramatically less money, that produce similar results. Now, I''m not saying you can get face lift results, because we all know you need surgery for something like that.

But really, who wants an un-natural facelift when you can keep your own natural look. It''s you, only way better, and it''s totally possible with the skin care treatments for home that I''m about to talk about. I should know, I''ve done them all!

The first one, and probably one of my favorites since I believe that with regular use it produces very effective and noticeable results, is the at home soft light, hand held laser. Several companies now make this, and most of them are comparable in value and effectiveness, as well as price. The range I''ve seen so far for these clever devices is around $100 to $300.

They last for a long time (I''ve had mine two years and there are no signs it''s going to fail any time soon), and all they take is about ten to fifteen minutes per night for a noticeable difference in your skin''s plumpness, a reduction in fine lines, and an overall rejuvenated, brighter look to the skin tone.

Whenever I use this hand held soft light laser for several nights in a row, I always have a refreshed, younger look and I''ve even gotten complements that my skin looks "different" and "great". It does take a bit of consistence to get this one to work in your favor since anything needs a little time to work, but it is phenomenal the results you will get even using it a few nights in a row.

It''s also great for those that may suffer from acne as it helps to heal acne lesions faster as well as helps to prevent acne breakouts from happening in the first place. The laser works usually in conjunction with a light-conducting gel which needs to be applied to a clean, dry face so that the face can benefit most from the soft light therapy. The idea behind this is that it stimulates collagen beneath the skin and plumps and revitalizes the skin from within.

Now that I''ve ranted and raved about the soft light laser, onto the next pampering at-home skin care treatment that I can''t live without. This one is actually something that should be used with caution and great care, but if you use it right, and you use it consistently you will notice fabulous results within a few weeks of use. It''s at home chemical peels.

That''s right, you can do professional grade chemical peels to yourself at home. You can buy higher strength chemical peels made with different types of acids that help to slough off the dead skin and rev up collagen production and new skin cell production.

The most common types of acids that are used in these peels are lactic acid, which is a little weaker and good for acne and sensitive skin, glycolic acid, which is a deeper, more serious acid that will produce great results in aging skin for lines and wrinkle softening, and salicylic acid, which of course is also excellent for acne and is very effective at clearing pores, but is also very gentle.

It''s important to read and follow directions for at home chemical peels for the skin, since they can easily be excessive for sensitive skin, and can cause irritation and redness if they are left on too long. There are also usually indicated break times for using these peels, such as four weeks on, one off and so on so be sure to follow these rules for the best results depending on the strength of the peel and the maker''s recommendations.

Last but not least are the home microdermabrasion kits that have become so popular. In fact, one major skin care line has launched one of these kits along with a light chemical peel. Home microdermabrasion kits are a great way to slough off dead skin and reveal new, glowing skin cells as well as to ensure that skin cell turnover happens, which is one of the main reasons that skin appears to be aged when the cells start to fail to turn over as rapidly.

Using one or all of these on a revolving or simultaneously revolving basis is a great way to give your skin expensive salon treatment without going to the salon and paying hundreds, if not cumulatively thousands of dollars on expensive treatments. If you buy the right products and use them effectively, you''re bound to be suspected of getting professional skin care treatments done!

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