Natural treatments. Various diseases. Treatment with plants, clay, bee.

Natural treatments. Various diseases. Treatment with plants, clay, bee.

As possible have been selected and improved these natural recipes that have been verified by multiple users at different stages of disease and the most obvious results.
We recommend to using the diet for each disease and herbal recipes. Only in this way, the driving plant assets can act on the affected organ, with maximum efficiency. Using the most sophisticated methods and technologies for treatment, natural treatment plants or bee therapy products, but that is not backed by proper diet, mean, waste of time, money and in some cases even worse.
For teas are the most used and most convenient natural herbal treatments, you make some recommendations on their use:
- Aperitif tonic herbal teas it 30 minutes before a meal
- to combat colitis, enteritis - after lunch
- flatulence - before meals or gradually;
- constipation - at bedtime or morning on an empty stomach
- stomach (which aids digestion) - after meals;
- vermifuges - morning on an empty stomach
- diabetes - before a meal
- obesity - in meals;
- sedatives, hypnotics and tranquilizers heart trouble - 2 cups per day, one of which required around 30 minutes before bedtime and the second in the day,
- to combat acute symptoms (biliary colic, kidney stones, vomiting, diarrhea) - are consumed during the crisis;
- liver - a mandatory morning cup on an empty stomach, then lie on the right side 20-30 minutes, the second cup in the second half, before meals ;
- for other recommendations: respiratory, urinary tonic vitaminizing, the prescribed dose is consumed on several occasions throughout the day, indicating that - in case of asthma - one of the sockets is the evening before bedtime.
If not other indications, medicinal teas are usually consumed after an overnight fast, the resorption is complete, the evening before bedtime or 2-3 hours after meals.
Usually is a cure longer (similar to mineral water) but not unlimited, can damage the body.
Most tea are consumed warm, unsweetened when there are contraindications (diabetes, obesity, etc.).

Abscess (boil)accumulation of pus, located under the skin, the muscles, organs.

Dental abscessformation of pus in a cavity formed in the gum around a tooth ill.

Vascular accidentsudden interruption of blood perfusion of parts of the brain.

Natural treatments. Various diseases.
Treatment with plants, clay, bee