Personal Trainers! Be The First In Little Rock! -

Personal Trainers! Be The First In Little Rock! -

Personal Trainers! Be The First In Little Rock!

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Be the first Trainer signed up for Little Rock!

Enter the code "FREE" when signing up and receive the second month FREE!

Why let anyone else take at least half of an hourly rate that should be yours? Supplement your gym income! OR, get out of the gym completely!

- Market directly to your location, i.e. North Dallas instead of all of Dallas, Upper East Side instead of New York City, or multiple areas.

- Clients no longer have to ask if you serve an area - they have already found you.

- Email go directly to you - they are not screened

Provide your telephone number if you would like clients to call for information.

- Link them to your existing web site.

- does not care whether you charge $1 an hour or $500 an hour. You keep it all.

This tremendous marketing tool is offered to you at a minimum expense.

- $25.00 per month per city or area selected.

- Only $5.00 a month for additional cities or areas.

Pay for only one month at a time.

- Absolutely no hidden costs and no contracts to sign.

Monthly payment billed on your credit card until you can''t handle taking on additional clients! Cancel at anytime!

Enter the code "FREE" when signing up and receive your second month FREE!

The number one issue facing personal trainers is marketing your services. Ads on the radio, TV and newspapers are too expensive. Building a website is a great idea, but it''s a full time job keeping it current and it''s a full time job getting people to find you! Working for another "in home" training company is good, but they are still taking way too much of your money!

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