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All herbs need light but while most enjoy full sun, some need full shade, while others can thrive under almost any light conditions. Early morning light has a marked effect on growth and development. Most plants have an optimum temperature at which growth is best. Critical examples are herbs that do not tolerate heavy frost and those that wilt in high temperatures.

Strong or persistent wind can be detrimental. A combination of wind and heat is particularly damaging. Herbs with shallow roots will need more frequent watering. Check dryness at least twice a week especially in hot, windy weather and mulch to save watering and keep the soil cool.

The use of chemical fertilizers is not necessary for herbs. They grow well in almost any reasonable soil. Added manures and compost is an advantage. Where food elements and trace elements are deficient, especially when you first start your herb garden, it may be necessary to supplement such elements.

Although there are many different types of soil that herbs could grow, loam is the ideal soil. It contains a mixture of clay, sand and silt. In this type of soil availability of plant food and drainage are good. However, soil improvement for the other types, especially for a small herb garden, it is not too difficult.

Herb nurseries offer the best range of herbs, but garden centers are also good especially for popular herbs and their variants. Before buying check the requirements of each herb.

Most herbs are naturally vigorous and will require little attention when established. Largely, maintenance for herbs consists in winter to cut and remove dead stems and, in spring and summer to encourage growth by mulching your herb garden with a layer of well-rotted compost.

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