Epidemic health new

Epidemic health new

Is the obesity epidemic in America getting better or worse?

What is the news on the obesity epidemic? Not to sound offensive, but is America still getting fatter?

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Cleveland Clinic and obesity epidemic Solutions

Cleveland Clinic CEO Delos Cosgrove, MD says that the cost of health care can not be controlled unless the obesity epidemic be stopped.

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The obesity epidemic: Science, Morality and Ideology

Product increasing obesity are now big news, but we think carefully enough about what this trend actually means? Everybody – including doctors, parents, teachers, sports clubs, businesses and governments – play a role in the “war against obesity.” But talk of an obesity ‘crisis’ is justified? Is it the product of measured scientific reasoning or age-old habits of mind ‘? Why is it happening now? And there are potential risks of overweight talk as an “epidemic” connected?

the obesity epidemic proposes that obesity science and the media present a complex mix of ambiguous knowledge, familiar (yet unstated) moral agendas and ideological assumptions .

The obesity epidemic: Science, Morality and Ideology

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Hidden Epidemic: Heart Disease in America

Description Dramatic personal stories present the impressive scientific advances that are transforming the field of cardiology, and the effect of these changes on people infected with the disease.

Hidden Epidemic: Heart Disease in America

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REPORT Twenty-five years after China opened to the west of China is a price to pay. Today the country has the fastest growing obesity rate in the world and fourth of his youth is overweight in the cities. (Report: S. Le Belzic)

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Unmasking One of the most autoimmune diseases diagnosed

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Description One in four Americans is obese and 60% of the population is overweight. Find out what is the root of the problem that undermines health and self-esteem. The importance of adopting healthier eating habits for a lifetime and the recommendation that people engage in regular physical activity, was further strengthened. Treatments that are available for obesity are discussed, and the names of support groups are provided in a program that deals with the issue of obesity in an open but sensitive manner.

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The United Kingdom is on the verge of an obesity epidemic that we will provide additional cost 90000000000 $ per year by 2050, says a study published on Wednesday. The Foresight report, a government led by the research project, says that was obese by 2050 60 percent of adult men, 50 percent of adult women and about 25 percent of all children under 18. “Britain has become a nation where overweight is the norm,” says the report.

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One in five children in the United States diagnosed with obesity. For the first time in history, this generation may be sicker and die younger than their parents.

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A third of Americans are considered overweight – and growing the number. Let’s get some insight into this expanding epidemic.

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